Miners Medical is composed of a fully dedicated team of front desk, counselors and medical personnel staff, all  working together in solidarity to put an end to the cycle of addiction.  With the nation in a rise with the epidemic of opiate abuse, Miners Medical strives to provide medicated assisted treatment to patients that are in need of help and want a better life for themselves. Miners Medical takes pride in the efforts of their professional staff to educate and motivate patients to make the necessary changes in their lives to become productive members of society.  Miners Medical continues to grow and prosper within the community.

Medication Assisted Treatment & Methadone

Opioid addiction is difficult. At Pinnacle, our proven treatment combats your struggle.  Our Medication Assisted Treatment Programs and team of trained professionals put you on the path to recovery.

Outpatient Counseling Support Systems

Methadone is most successful in combination with both individual and group therapy. The work with an individual therapist enables you to understand your drug addiction.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will answer all questions, such as: Do we accept your insurance? Do we offer the kind of treatment that you seek? How long does treatment take? What can I expect? We are here to help to overcome your addiction.